How to make money from blogging

How to make money from blogging

After analyzing the research of HeadHunter: Top 10 occupations with the potential growth of salaries, I concluded that the word ‘blogger’ today is not just a man leading a blog, but the profession, and, prospective.

So my advice to you is to become a blogger. Today, the popularity of the blogosphere is often mentioned in the media. If you know a little what a blog is and who is a blogger, it can seem that it is difficult to become a blogger. But honestly it is exactly the opposite.

To become a blogger you need to create your own blog and to write your thoughts in it about anything. In the vastness of the Internet, more and more people are interested in the question of how to make money online for a newbie. It is noteworthy that in this way you can not only express their thoughts, but also make good money on the Internet. But how to do that?

Part 2 of How to make money from blogging

Selling advertising spaces

You can sell advertising at a high traffic, how to do it? It’s very simple – look for the advertiser through sites and forums, then post it on the blog. You can go to sites offering banners of different advertisers, and choose the most attractive option. But the most profitable option is contextual advertising from Google and Yandex.

Selling links

All site optimizers buy links in huge quantities for website promotion, so you can sell links from the blog at anytime. Make it easy, just go to, sign up and start selling links.

Sponsor Search

If your blog has an interesting subject and it is commercial, it is possible to find a sponsor. He will follow the blog work, pay for hosting and so on. As a rule, you do not have to spend money on content of your blog in general.

Custom posts

In many blogs you can see horrible custom posts, where a person says, I bought myself an excellent filter for water and cured of all diseases for a couple of days, and at the end put a link on the store where he bought it. But do not make similar mistakes – learn how to write an article with a hidden advertisement in order to visitors are not angry at the sight of the article, but rather read it carefully and switched to the advertiser’s site.

The cost of these items depends on how high your attendance is, and what are the topics of the blog. If your blog is devoted to the topic of real estate – the cost will be very high, so it is best to choose a commercial theme for your blog.


Almost all bloggers are currently pursuing this goal, because few people want to simply express their thoughts and talk about their lives, if there is an opportunity to earn a good amount. Although there are people who do not agree with this statement, but it is very difficult to argue their opinion in this case.

Websites are created to make money. Unfortunately, majority of blogs are abandoned after failing to earnings, someone heard about the opportunity to make money, do not work, and the blog has been completely abandoned, and there are thousands of such cases.

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