Integrating Linux with Windows Environment

We can integrate the Linux server with Windows environment by adding the linux server to Active Directory Domain controller,

By using the below steps we can join the Linux server into AD

  1. Create the Linux server hostname to corresponding DNS ‘A’ record
  2. Install the below packages nscd samba-winbind

yum  install nscd samba-winbind

  1. Run authconfig-tui
    1. Authentication Configuration
      1. User Information
        • Cache Information
        • Use Winbind
      2. Authencation
  • Use MD5 Passwords
  • Use Shadow Passwords
  • Use Winbind Authentication
  1. Winbind Settings
    1. Security Model: ads
    2. Domain: example
    3. Domain Controllers:
    4. ADS Realm: EXAMPLE.COM [Capital Letters Only]
    5. Template: /bin/bash
  1. Modify the file /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf

require_membership_of = Users_Group

  1. Add the below line into the file /etc/sudoers
    1. %example\\Users_Group ALL=(ALL)            ALL
    1. Add the below line to /etc/pam.d/system-auth before the line session     required
      1. session required skel=/etc/skel
    2. Add the following line in the end of file /etc/pam.d/sshd
      1. session optional skel=/etc/skel
    3. Add below line into the file /etc/security/limits.conf

    # – stack – max stack size (KB)

    *                soft        stack                32768

    *                hard        stack                32768

    # – nofile – max number of open files

    *                soft        nofile                –

    *                hard        nofile                1000000

  1. Reboot the server.

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