Disaster Recovery (DR) activity:

Disaster Recovery (DR) activity is the set of best practices to be followed to attain the 99.9999% uptime of the Applications which are hosted in the DCs.

Prerequisite for DR:

Two Data Centers (DC) are located at different locations namely Production Data Center and  DR Data Center sites. Both DCs server’s configuration should be same and Storage (SAN) should be in sync between Prod and DR site in order to achive the DR activity efficiently.

During DR following steps will be carried out in a sequential order,

On Production site:

  1. Bring down the application on Prod servers
  2. Bring down the Databases (DB ) on Prod servers
  3. Unmount the file systesm on Prod servers
  4. Request storage team to provide LUN mount access to DR site
  5. Request DNS team to change the Applications hostnames IP address to point DR site from Prod site

On DR site:

  1. Once DNS and SAN team performed their activity, OS team will mount the filesystems on DR servers,
  2. DBA team will bring up the Databases on DR server,
  3. App team will bring up the applications

Now Application will run on DR site .

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