SQL Script to drop multiple tables,procedures at once in sql server

In this article i am going to explain about how to drop multiple tables,procedures or functions at once. Sometimes we supposed to drop multiple tables. For explanation purpose i have created two tables namely testtable1 and testtable2 and i have created two procedures namely GetTestTable1 and GetTestTable2. Now i will explain the syntax and the query used using this two tables and procedures. Below is the sql script used to create the sample.

Classical way of droping multiple objects (tables,procedures,functions,views etc) is writing drop squery for each object separately like given below.

But the disadvantage in the above statement is we need to write drop table query for each table or drop proc query to each procedure. Easy way to do this thing is explained below.
So it will remove the need for writing drop command for each object. If you have comments or suggestions please share it in the comment. If you have any question then write to us. In the next article i will explain how to drop all the tables,procedures,functions and views in a database using set of sql query.


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