How to create table in sql server 2008

In this article i am going to explain about how to create table in sql server 2008.
“Create Table” Statement is uesd to create table in sql server. In sql server tables are organised as rows and columns.And each column will have name and the datatype it accepts. So creating table in sql server we need to create columns with datatype.
Below is the syntax to create table in sql server 2008.
CREATE TABLE table_name
column_name1 data_type(size),
column_name2 data_type(size),
column_name3 data_type(size),
Below is the script to create student table
CREATE TABLE StudentMaster
Name VARCHAR(50),
Standard INT,
Section CHAR(5)
After creating table you can check it in the object explorer.
Create Table in sql server 2008
After creating table we can insert the record in the table in the below format
INSERT INTO StudentMaster(Name,Standard,Section)
INSERT INTO StudentMaster(Name,Standard,Section)
INSERT INTO StudentMaster(Name,Standard,Section)
VALUES(‘Ram Kumar’,’12’,‘c’)
Now to check the inserted columns you can run the select statement like below.
SELECT * FROMStudentMaster
The output will be like below
Output of the select * query after inserting into table

You can also select particular column alone.. To select particular columns alone you need to mention the column name in the select query. Below is the used to select only Name and Section.
SELECT Name,Section FROMStudentMaster
The sample output will look like
Output of the select query with specific columns
And also not only we can select particular columns we can insert particular columns alone. To insert Name and Standard alone we can make use of the below query. But the columns which you omit while inserting any record in the table should be nullable column or it should accept some default values.
INSERT INTO StudentMaster(Name,Standard)
INSERT INTO StudentMaster(Name,Standard)
INSERT INTO StudentMaster(Name,Standard)
Now if you check the output it will look like below.
Output of the select query with all columns
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