Javascript code/function to validate email id | Check Emailid is Valid

In my previous article I have explained about How to Valiate radio button using javascript. In this article I am going to explain about code used to validate emailed using  Javascript.
For explanation purpose  I have a text input and a button in the form. If you enter the emailid and click the validate button then it will check whether it is a valid email id or not. If it is valid email id then it will show the alert msg as Valid Emailid else it will show alert msg as Invalid Emailid.
Below is the javascript function to validate email id. It gets the textbox  id as input.
function fnCheckEmail(id) {
    varemailid = document.getElementById(id).value;
    varemailfilter = /^w+[+.w-]*@([w-]+.)*w+[w-]*.([a-z]{2,4}|d+)$$/i
    if(emailfilter.test(emailid)) {
        alert(emailid+‘ is a Valid EmailId..’);
        alert(emailid + ‘ is a InValid EmailId..’);
Here is the demo..


Enter the email id


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