Add remove select and set items in select drop down list

In my previous article I have explained aboutConvert string to lowercase-uppercase in xslt. In this article I am going to explain about how to add,remove,check and set the items in select using jQuery
For example in my form I have a select option with id “seloption”. To add a item with value “option1” and with text “Option-1” below code is used.

var options = jQuery(‘#seloption’).attr(‘options’);          
options[options.length] = new Option(‘Option Name’, ‘option value’, true, true);
Now to remove the option with value “option1” below code is used.
jQuery(“#seloption option[value=option1]”).remove();
To check whether the option with value “option1” is present in the select below code is used
jQuery(“#seloption option[value=’option1′]”).length>0

If the option is present then it will return the index value of the option. Otherwise it will return -1. To make the option “option1” as a selected option below code is used.
jQuery(“#seloption “).val(“option1”);
To get the selected value of the select below code is used.
var value = $(‘select#dropDownIdoption:selected’).val();
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