Refresh page periodically in C#.Net/ASP.Net


In this article we are going to discuss about how to refresh the page periodically using c#.code or html meta tag.


Some time we face the situation like represhing the page periodiclly. In this article i am going to explain about refreshing the page periodically using html and C# code. In HTML to do this periodic refresh we are using the meta tag with the attribute http-equiv=”refresh”. Below is the HTML code for refreshing the page.

HTML Code:

        <meta id=”RefreshPeriod”runat=”server”http-equiv=”refresh”content=”10″/>

In the above code content=”10″ indicates that the page refreshes 10 seconds once.

Otherwise we can do it using c# code in code behind file.Code for refrshing the page is given below.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgse)
    // Set refresh period in seconds
    RefreshPeriod.Content = “5”;

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